In this page we explain how you can integrate your Caller ID System with the Loccus AI voice verification service, in order to protect your clients from bot calls, identity fraud and advanced scam techniques.

This is just a sample, meant to cover the general Caller ID use case. You can tailor the use of our API to your exact needs!
Check the Authenticity Best Practices page for recommendations!


You can use Loccus API to empower your Caller ID System security. By promptly detecting synthetic voices, you can prevent fraud and protect your clients against advanced actors. We provide insightful results near real time, so you can integrate the voice verification in your existing call flow, taking immediate actions if necessary, like warning the attacked client and protecting other clients from the same actor.

You can integrate the voice verification service in different ways, depending on your needs:

Sample On Demand Analysis Diagram

Sample Automated Analysis Diagram

Integration Steps

In order to use this functionality, you need to perform this four steps:


Record the voice

You need to have the record of the client call.

We can process recordings of different quality and formats, please check the media file requirements.

Send the voice for verification

You can send the voice for verification using our API. Please check the guide for performing an authenticity verification. We will return the verification scores and subscores, which provide insights of whether the voice is synthetic, replayed, etc.


Properly Inform the User

Once you have all the relevant data, you can decide which actions to take based on your business logic. For instance, you could warn the user via a sound or GUI.

Check the verification thresholds page for reference and recommendations on interpreting the results.


Build the caller ID profile

You can use the verification data for building the caller ID profile and preventing future fraud.

Refer to the List Chunks Endpoint for detailed information about the moments when the audio is real or not.


The Loccus Console provides a graphical interface that allows your team to effectively manage the Loccus Platform Service. API endpoints are also available for administration and platform monitoring

Check usage statistics and usage records for more details.

Security Team

Mitigate AI fraud risk, and gather more Thread Intelligence based on evolving TTPs of top actors. Monitor the fraudulent calls, identify key security improvement points and raise awareness of new types of cyber attacks.


Monitor fraud KPIs and leverage voice insights for internal and external reporting.

System Administrators

Easily configure and manage the Loccus Platform usage, including IAM and retention policies.