Welcome to the API reference of the Loccus Platform. Here you will find detailed descriptions of the endpoints, resources and operations available in our API.

Check the guides for step by step flows to guide you through the most relevant operations.

Check the model index for detailed descriptions of the models available on the platform.

Base URL for API requests — https://api.loccus.ai/v1

Starting point: bellow we provide an eagle-eye view of the different sections and it is a good place to start, but you can also use the sidebar to navigate to pages relevant to you.


Request must be authenticated using bearer tokens, which can be obtained from different sources and can be short-lived or long-lived.

Structure and access

Access to the resources on the platform is based on ownership, which in turn is determined by the relationships between the following resources.

Speech data and results

Users can upload and import speech data into a space. The platform generates results by extracting and analyzing characteristics of that data.


Usage of the platform can be reviewed either by analyzing the relationships and state of the currently existing resources or through persistent records of the operations conducted.