Verification scores represent the confidence of a verification model in a positive result, expressed as a probability. The meaning of a score depends on the type of verification.

  • Identity: the confidence in an identity match between audio and voiceprint.
  • Authenticity: the confidence in the authenticity and liveliness of the speaker.
  • Message: the confidence in the audio message matching the expected one.


Authenticity verifications offer a disaggregated view of the different elements analyzed in the form of subscores. They are also expressed as probabilities, with each representing the confidence of the model in a positive result of a different aspect of the verification.

  • Synthetic: the confidence in the non-sythentic nature of the speaker.
  • Replay: the confidence in the audio not being pre-recorded and replayed.

Score interpretation

Verification scores represent the probability of a positive result according to a given model. Therefore, they are decimal numbers ranging from 0 to 1 and can be intuitively interpreted.

For example, a score of 0.75 means that, according to the model, there are 3 in 4 chances of a positive result for the audio verified.


Thresholds are used to make decisions based on verification scores. Learn more.